Watching – Listening – Empathising – Thinking

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

My Philosophy:

Logo Und-Zeichen, Pinselstrich-Darstellung
I understand to live as the attempt, learning to observe and to understand the human life from as many different points of view and different perspectives as possible. This attitude has characterised my personal life’s journey – both privately as well as professionally. Thus, making a delimitation between both these areas was never easy for me and actually never really seemed very purposeful, either. I understand that the holism which I have been striving for is naturally limited to the parameters of the abilities which has been bestowed upon my person on my life’s journey as well as the possibilities which have been given to me as well as those possibilities which I myself have sought out and utilised. I consider it to be impossible to seek out holism without other human beings. My great interest in life also applies equally to my fellow human beings. Thus, ultimately, my love of music didn’t become my profession. Rather, I allowed my strong need for justice – more precisely said: My aversion to any type of arbitrariness – to motivate me to become an attorney with the goal of representing the justified interests of other persons and, in this manner, to help my fellow human beings. The human being considers himself – particularly these days – to be an individual and an active subject who holds rights. Simultaneously, the human being feels – likewise above all these days and increasingly – that he is an object; that he is a part of a large mechanism which is turning faster and faster. The human being is both the subject and the object at the same time; the doer and the passive victim/sufferer???. Already when taking a look into the mirror, the subject can perceive that he is also the object as well. Thus, we should be aware of and understand our “split” into subject and object – that both together form a “unity”. We are this unity or stated differently: What makes us into a person shows us to be “subjective” on the one hand and “objective” on the other hand; thus as if we were standing “between”. This is my “symbol”, my anthropological metaphor for human life: “A BETWEEN” – between opposite poles which are mutually dependent on one another. In this BETWEEN, “life” takes place; organisation and new creation. Here, not exclusively the “yes/no” or the “but” should rule. We have to learn to value diversity and generate the power for diversity. However, I do not understand diversity to be arbitrariness. I juxtapose diversity in thought and action with “ideological limitation”. I represent diversity with “&” (“and”) whereby I understand the “&” likewise as being the “central theme of life”. That “central theme” which criss-crosses our personal life and which we should always try to recognise. If we succeed in doing this, we will not only be aware of our “unity”, but rather also feel this – instead of an “inner conflict”. My logo is also supposed to symbolise that theme.